Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lax, Shower, Eat. Rinse, Repeat.

Although I was tired from waking up at 4:30, 6:30, 7:45, and 8:30, I was still excited for breakfast this morning because I'm always ready to eat. Before we had to leave for practice at 9:30, Dana, Taylor, and I feasted on bagels, fruit, and the six boxes of Girl Scout cookies that Dana's mom left for us. At 9:30, we all piled into our caravan of three Toyota minivans to head to our practice at Pomona. Even though the majority of the team had to visit Jill the athletic trainer before practicing, we all managed to be ready to work hard before our game this evening. Along with working on our new awesome tan lines (glove and goggle tans are sexy), we practiced our many plays and Deb introduced Clark to us, a new play that was cool because it incorporated everyone instead of just a few players. After practice, we headed back to the hotel and had time to do homework, nap, go out for smoothies, or just relax before we headed to our game at 4:30.
Our game against Pomona was special not only because it was night game under the lights but because of our fan base. In addition to the parents that made the trip to California, some Oberlin athletes that live in LA came to cheer us on. Their rambunctious cheers and enthusiastic encouragement were so supportive and even made the Pomona players jealous. Although we lost the game, there were so many things that we could be proud of. Emily Perry had a fantastic game registering 28 saves against a very good Pomona team. Perry was loud, authoritative, and definitely took charge of the defense. Taylor was dominant as usual with eight goals and wreaked havoc on the Pomona defense drawing double and triple teams. Alice scored a beautiful goal off of a move that she worked on in practice, and Clark opened up numerous scoring opportunities for us.
After the game, we were starving and the whole team headed over to In-N-Out burger, a must go to fast food joint in California. Unfortunately, we overestimated the capacity of our stomachs and ordered way too much food (double animal fries and milkshakes are filling!) But it was worth it, even if I feel like I gained 100 lbs. After all the food and lacrosse I am so ready to go to bed!
Lori Sako

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