Monday, March 23, 2009

'Bama Girls, Santa Monica Pier, and Ranieri's Cha-Cha Chicken

Rolling out of bed this March morning was not nearly as hard as it seems to be in Ohio, but it might have been because of the beautiful day here in California. We met in the hotel lobby and made the drive to the Pomona fields. The first 20 minutes of practice we discussed the fears we had about this season and as a team, gave each other positive reinforcements to counter those fears. Admittedly, some of us were skeptical at first, but hearing our teammates tell us how and why we shouldn't have any fears this season really helped with everyone's confidence. After a three hour practice we met the girls from Birmingham Southern College. They were all so sweet; definitely one of the nicest teams we've met. Their coach was one of Deb's former players!
After practice ended we ran back to the hotel, ate, showered, and changed, and were right out the door again. We drove to the Santa Monica Pier and had three hours to roam. Most of us were on the beach, but Deb and Dianne rode one of the rides and I hear there is video footage. There was also great shopping and food near the pier and we spent some time there as well. It was a beautiful afternoon and everyone had a really great time.
Due to traffic, we got back to the hotel a bit late, but we still all pitched in for dinner. Two rooms made rice, another made salad, and Deb made Ranieri's Cha-Cha Chicken. You'll have to find out what that is when you join the team...I'll just say, it's as good as it sounds...
Em Perry

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