Sunday, March 22, 2009

1st Day Jitters

Dear Prospective Teammates,
Today was our first miraculous day away from Oberlin weather, or so we thought; the rain and wind traveled with us. We practiced in a light sprinkle in the morning. The team worked on defensive skills and shooting while I worked on not knocking the wind out of Deb. Once Deb regained her wind, and the poor weather died out, we had our game against Birmingham-Southern College. We had a tough loss, but played well as a team. Our plays came together and we were able to run a new play that we had learned at practice that morning. I was psyched that I scored two goals off the plays too!
After the game, we showered (don't believe the rumors, most people do shower at Oberlin) and headed off to Macaroni Grill where we had dinner with Dana's parents. It was a lot of fun until Deb bogarted my camera and proceeded to cruise through all of my pictures. She especially liked the one I took of Lori the day earlier while she was sleeping... and picking her nose.
Well, that's all folks!
Alice E. Zicht

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